Stephanotis floribunda – Madagascar Jasmine


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Pot size: 75 mm

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Beautiful climbing plants with white, fragrant flowers in summer. The prefer to be in an area where they receive morning sun only, as the flowers and leaves tend to get burned in the hot afternoon sun. They can climb up to 6m if you allow them to. Being from Madagascar, they do not like temperatures below 4°C.  The flowers are used in bridal bouquets. They can flourish for years indoors on a sunny windowsill. This plant will need a trellis to climb on!

Care: Prefers to be in a warm, sunny area where temperatures do not drop below 4°C. In areas with cold winters, it is best to keep them in a big pot so you can bring them indoors. Madagascar Jasmine tends to look the best when they are pot bound. Water them every 2 days in summer, but water them once a week in winter.


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