The lacebark tree is native to the East Coast of Australia. Its natural distribution is from Paterson in New South Wales to Mackay in Queensland. There is an isolated pocket community of lacebark tree in Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland. Very beautiful trees growing up to 30m tall. The tree has pink flowers from November to February (the trees are often leafless when they are in flower). Leaves are lobed in three, five, or seven points and are hairy. The leaves are a whitish colour underneath and green above. These trees tolerate drought and light frosts when established.

Care: When your plant(s) arrive, take them out of the box as soon as possible. Plant them in the ground or in a pot as soon as possible and water deeply. When planted in the ground, keep the plants well watered for 12 weeks or until established. Mulch the plants to keep it moist, and reduce competition from weeds.