A beautiful, slow-growing, dwarf shrub perfect for small hedges in small gardens. This plant only grows to 1.2m tall and 1m wide. They have beautiful, glossy, emerald leaves. The leaves stay green for most of the year; in a cold winter the leaves become bronze-tinged. The foliage can get sunburned in full sun, the best area to grow is in a partly shaded position. They will tolerate full shade, but they will be less compact and slower growing. Frost and drought tolerant.

Care: The Dwarf Japanese Box prefers a partly shaded position with well drained, moist soils. Although they are drought tolerant, these plants should be watered during extended periods of drought. They should be planted in an area protected from strong winds. Water well until established (12 weeks after planting) and mulch well to retain moisture around the roots.