About us


Daniel Rosenbaum

Daniel Rosenbaum has been running his own wholesale succulent nursery named South Coast Succulents (Diversifolius Nursery) for the past 8 years and has a sculpture/design studio called The Garden Pot Workshop. He has developed a range of ceramic, concrete and timber garden pots and planter boxes whilst promoting ‘Horticultural Therapy’ by running workshops and producing ‘online’ gardening tutorials (Youtube – The Garden Pot Workshop Australia).
He has a Bachelor of Design degree from UNSW and a Certificate 3 in Urban Horticulture from Ryde TAFE. He has landscape construction experience and has worked as a Sculptor/Builder/Designer at the famous Ice Hotel above the Arctic Circle in far northern Sweden for several years.



Laura Khalil

Laura Khalil came to Sydney, Australia in 2015 as an International Student to study Horticulture at Ryde TAFE. Laura has since completed Certificate 2, Certificate 3 and Diploma in Horticulture as well as Diploma of Landscape Design at Ryde TAFE.  Laura and Dan met while they were studying Certificate 3 at Ryde TAFE.

She has been volunteering with Easy Care Gardening and was a finalist Volunteer of the Year for contributing almost 300 hours! She has worked as a Horticulturist at ANL Garden Centers (previously known as Sherringham’s Nursery), both in North Ryde and Terrey Hills.